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Good ole Sunny Skeggy!!!

This page is about our weekend break in Skegness 2003, on the east coast in Lincolnshire. I haven't actually cycled it all the way to Skegness for nearly 20 years (way back in 1985 when I had just turned 15years old), on a 12 speed Racer, I cycled it the with my Dad who did it on a 3 speed comfort bike.
For this trip though, I cheated and loaded the bikes on the car so me, the wife and my 9 year old son Nikki could cycle on the coast for a leisurely weekend of cycling on the promenades. I've even added some pics of myself on this page, Shock, Horror!!

 I recently missed  a one way ride to Skegness May 2009, Lincolnshire with some guys at work which is around 88 miles give or take a few, I didn't think I'd trained enough for it as it was a organised at short notice charity ride. I last rode to Skegness 18years ago (way back in 1985, blimey, that's gone quick!) When I did it, I had just turned 15 years old about 6 weeks before hand, I had a 12 speed racer, Reynolds 501 chromoly tubing and alloy rims. I'll do another Skegness page nearer to doing it. Hardly any of the guys from work did any training for it whatsoever and to my amazement the all made it
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Cycling in Skegness
The best thing about cycling in Skegness according to my wife Wendy is that there are no hills, its all flat land. The only time you break out in a sweat riding your bike in skeg is when you have to open your water bottle, it is that effortless cycling. Cycle routes are posted all over skegness.


Skegness is now cycle friendly along the promenades, It has the blue signs for cyclists showing the routes, but also has the old cycling prohibited signs still up, bit confusing really. The longest section of promenade is just a couple of miles up the road from Skegness at Winthorpe, passing thru Ingoldmills to just past Chapel-St-Leonard's which is around 6 miles long. The promenades can get rather sandy in places where it has blown up and not been cleared on the lesser used parts but is still easy enough to bike on. There is more shorter sections of promenades heading North towards Mablethorpe starting from just past Chapel with quieter out of town beaches.



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