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Rowthorne & Pleasley Trails & Skegby Tracks (Teversal Trails a.k.a Teversal Tracks)
 Teversal Visitors Centre, Nottinghamshire
Teversal Trails network pic from early 2003
Left, Silverhill Colliery (Date unkonwn) and right, the Landscapde spoil heap on the former Silverhill site in 2003 but now looks totally different in 2013

 Teversal Trails/ Pleasley Trails - The Early years (1990's). Teversal Visitors Centre was a good base to start in the mid 1990's boasting 11 different footpaths or trails of varying lengths and interest open mostly to walkers and some cyclists. Part of the trail is on the site of the old Silverhill Pit buildings and colliery houses which where demolished in the mid 1993.
Footpaths Note:  Some parts of these footpath routes in this paragraph may have Steep hills with steps, rough surface and exposed tree roots and not entirely suitable for the novice person or children to cycle on. The 5 mile nature trail includes the Rowthorne Trail to Pleasley Pit. Lady Spencer's walk is 9 miles and includes Hardwick Estate. The three village walk takes you to Ault Hucknall, the burial place of Thomas Hobbes through to Rowthorne and back to Teversal Village. The Pleasley Vale walk includes the area where Florence Nightingale's father owned the mills.  Hardwick Hall is just a couple of miles away.

Click map above for larger view

Teversal Trails Visitors
Following an email I received from Trevor who is one of the volunteer's at the Teversal Trails Visitors Centre (Sept 2010), I have decided to do this little section for the Visitors centre. It's a great place to get hot and cold Drinks and snacks and info on the local area.
"Hi Dave, I Have just found your web site. Very interesting and helpful. As a new volunteer at the Teversal visitor centre I would like to tell you of the improvements we are making at the centre. We now have a larger collection of free leaflets available to cyclists and walkers alike. (provided by tourist offices (Notts & Derbys) We also now reproduce colour A4 sheets showing 6 of the trails, however we have to charge 20p a copy or set of 6 for 1.00 If you are planning a re-visit to this area check out the visitor centre where we are hoping to supply a travellers pack i.e. bottle of water, freshly made cob, crisps, chocolate, pack of biscuits and an apple for 2.50 (normally 2.85)  in the near future. If you call ask for Trevor."
I have been and bought the 6 maps from the visitors centre, I'm going to scan them at some point and upload them to this page to use them as examples, although I recommend people buy the maps from the visitors centre.

Cycle Routes
The Teversal Tracks / Skegby Tracks - 2007 - 2010.
Teversal trails have changed over the last few years, most noticeably in May 2007 when the Teversal Trail and Skegby link trail now directly join up to the New Silverhill Trail  which in turn then links up with the Five Pits Trail. June 2010 sees a new major development as the former footpath of the Teversal trail to Pleasley country park gets a revamp with new resurfacing and widened and reclassified as a multi user trail and renamed Teversal Track. The Skegby Trail originally a cycle path in the mid/late 90's only as wide as a single track footpath has also made wider and newly resurfaced From Pleasley down to the Skegby/Teversal link cycle trail. In 2010 these tracks look completely different from two years earlier. In 2008, these where mostly narrow footpaths along rarely used sections. There are 3 main tracks for cycling, Teversal Track, Skegby Track and Skegby link trail, all 3 linking together to form a triangular loop starting and ending at Teversal visitors centre.

Above July 2008 Teversal and Skegby trails, Below exactly the same spots in 2010

Left- Start of Teversal Trail, mid right- Teversal trail Batley Lane bridge embankment, far right- Skegby trail

os grid references
Visitors centre SK 479 613

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